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The Amazing Race 6

Premiers tonight! Check your local listings.

I guess it's time to admit my secret shame - I'm a reality TV junkie. Which you may have found out sooner had I finished rewriting the Jade Monkey Mission Statement sooner, which I haven't. Not all reality TV though - I can't stand those dating shows, or any of that crap on MTV (reality or not-reality). But TAR, Survivor (although I haven't been into this season quite as much, it's infinitely better than the steaming pile of dog poo that was Survivor: All Stars), and some others (love the briliant parody of Spike TV's Joe Schmo, and I also loved SciFi's Mad Mad House). I haven't been over to my usual home, Survivor Blows (one of the derivitives of RealityTVWorld, but SB is the part that drew me there, and the door I still come through), in like a month, so I'm not current on this new season, but I hope to be getting back there very soon, and if you at all like reality TV, I suggest you take a look - it's the best place on the web for it.

I've also written about a dozen hopefully funny episode summaries for various shows (including 4 for the aforementioned MMH, 1 for both seasons of Schmo, 1 for S7 and 1 for TAR5), and whenever I end my semi-retirement from Official Sumary writing, you'll probably see any work I contribute over there here, too (although they're rather long for blogging, so probably just a link).

Hope that wasn't too inarticulate, but I'm rushing to sign off as it's stormy about. Hopefully I'll be making one more post later tonight (maybe 2, if I decide to review TAR), but after that I'll probably be offline until Friday, as I intend to make a visit to my grandmother and a couple of my college roomies.


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