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Arlen the Friendly Ghost?

So. The internet is in an uproar. My fellow pro-life conservatives, led by NRO's The Corner and Free Republic, are vehemently opposing the ascension of Arlen Specter (R-PA) to the chair of the Senate's Judiciary Committee.

While I share their concerns, I can't help but feel this is a no-win proposition. If Specter has the least bit of faith to President Bush and the junior senator from his state, Rick Santorum, who vigorously endorsed him against the momentum-gaining campaign of the more conservative Pat Toomey, he will not block the President's judicial nominations. And if he's not faithful, such an attack to deny him the chair will hardly make him more so. Moreover, it will be just what the media is looking for to attack us: the ghost of "poor Arlen Specter," a moderate those intolerant right-wingers ran out of the party. No, we're the Big Tent party because we can tolerate differing viewpoints, unlike the Democrats. Revival is great, but you can't convert anyone if you don't get them into the Tent.

I don't feel like I need to expound much on this. Basically I agree with my good friend Hugh Hewitt. (Okay, so he's not really my good friend, but I'm sure we'd get along smashingly if we ever met, and if name-dropping's good enough for John Kerry...)

Maybe tomorrow I'll get around to some non-political posting, since that's not the entire intent of this blog, but rather to answer all of life's deep questions ;-)


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