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Happy Thanksgiving!

There is much to be thankful for, today and everyday.

For this great nation and the great state of Texas in which I live, I am thankful.

For the soldiers who defend her and bleed for her and die for her, that we may live, and that millions around the world may taste freedom for the first time, I am thankful.

For a decent man and steadfast President in George W. Bush, and the ability to be thankful for him for 4 more years, I am thankful.

For a family that loves and supports me, I am thankful.

For this beautiful season of reflection and thanksgiving, for the wonderful crisp weather, for turkey and football, I am thankful.

And most of all, for a Heavenly Father who has blessed me with all these things and who sent his Son to die for me in his infinite grace, who picks me up no matter how often I fall, I am thankful.

This is probably the only post I'll make today as I'm still sick and will in all probability be on my football-and-turkey therapy for the rest of the day, so until tomorrow,

May God bless you, today and all the tomorrows he gives.


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