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I Heart Condi

Powell out, Rice in at State, woohoo! (ABC News via Drudge)

Condi in '08!!! (although never having held elected office, she may have to be put in the Veep slot fisrt...)

I never thought Bush would replace Cheney on the ticket in '04, although speculation was rampant, and I don't really expect Cheney to leave mid-term, though that always was more likely than the former in my opinion, but bumping Rice up again to VP would be big. Don't know if so much moving around (both for her personally or for the positions and departments they head) is necessarily a good thing, or a likely one, but I'd still like to see it (but only if Cheney wants to leave - he's a tremendous VP). It would also set her up as the heir-apparent despite the elected office qualifier.

I've largely been avoiding any speculation on the ticket for the next election, as so much can happen and so many people make (or ruin) names for themselves in 4 years, but I would love to see her on the ticket. I've also heard good things about Gov. Owens of Colorado, and I like J.C. Watts, the former congressman from Oklahoma. That's my short list for the moment, I suppose, though I'm sure there are many qualified candidates (and much moreso for the Republicans than the Democrats!) Playing it regionally, a popular politician from a swing state (Ohio or Pennsylvania, especially, but Owens' lock on Colorado is not insignificant) would be wise.


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