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Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics...

Or, to put it another way: Michael Moore, Dan Rather, and John Kerry.

This is the best week of my life, and the numbers don't lie. A majority (51.5%, or 59.5+ million) of the American people chose to give Bush four more years. As innumerable pro-Bush post-mortems of this historic election have noted, this made Bush the first presidential candidate to receive a simple majority of the vote since his father did it in 1988, and the winner of the greatest vote total in terms of sheer numbers ever. True, the largest population ever has a great deal to do with that, but it is impressive in its own way nonetheless. And a 3.5+ million vote gap is certainly noteworthy.

The Republicans took over 6 Democrat-controlled Senate seats, for a net gain of +4, giving them a functional majority in the upper chamber of Congress with 55, and this is perhaps the clearest evidence for a mandate (the Word of the Day among the punditocracy) for the President, given that the biggest casualty was incumbent Democrat Obstructionist-in-Chief, Tom Daschle. While this doesn't give the GOP the 60 votes necessary to break a filibuster, in what now seems sadly to be standard operating procedure for the Dems, it does take out the Biggest Obstacle to Progress (in honor of the imminent passing of Yasser Arafat), and should scare enough vulnerable Dems into a bit more cooperation.

But back to the point of this piece, hinted at by the title. All the numbers aside, the most remarkable thing about this election is that Bush was reelected at all, given the unprecedented campaign of lies, hatred, and demonization from the Left. The election, thankfully, is now over, so I don't feel compelled to itemize all the objectionable things about the Kerry campaign. You will already have read them elsewhere, or instinctively known them all along, if you were paying attention or at all inclined toward the Truth. No, I won't mention Kerry's arrogant dismissal of our many allies while he courted the few resistors, that Oil-for-Food stained body of the U.N. and it's chief organs, France and Germany (the waste of time in trying to gather whose support (in the President's "unilateral" "rush" to war) allowed Saddam to hide and move his weapons, which lack of these self-same bodies and their supporters now condemn the President for. If anything, Bush didn't rush unilaterally into war fast enough). I won't mention his irreconcilable statements, merely minutes apart in one debate of "I have only had one position of Iraq, and that is that Saddam Hussein was a threat," and "Instead, the President chose to attack Iraq, which posed no threat." I won't mention his incredibly short-sighted views that we should wait until after Iran demonstrated bad faith in his provision of nuclear fuel, or a problem arose in Social Security, before he addressed it. I won't mention his party's congenital need to wage class- and race- warfare, to scare seniors about Medicare or the youth about a draft, or his running mate's disgusting promises that they would make the lame walk, the blind see, and the dead vote (well, one out of three isn't bad). I only mean to note with great satisfaction - to gloat, if you will - the incredible failure of the leftist hate-machine.

Leftist stormtroopers vandalized Bush-Cheney headquarters around the country, threatened (in some cases following through) their workers with bodily harm, damaged cars whose owners dared deface them with Bush bumper stickers, and stole yard signs or painted swastikas on them. They compared a President whose amazing vision sees a democratic and peaceful middle east with Hitler, and would not in this or in any other thing let facts interfere with their arguments.

The insanity of the Left, already worked to a fevered pitch by their frenzied imaginations of a stolen election in 2000 (no matter how many recounts proved otherwise), gobbled up Fahrenheit 9/11 with the insatiability of Michael Moore gobbling up cheeseburgers. Hundreds of millions of dollars were pumped into hate-filled screeds by extra-legal 527 groups. Already substantial vote fraud and dirty campaigning (DUI charges the weekend before the election, anybody?) weren't enough this time. A drive for new voters, even if they weren't legal or living, or were already registered (2 or 10 times, who's counting?) commenced almost as soon as the 4-year smear campaign by the Democrats and the Old Media.

Good economic news was ignored. Deaths in Iraq were front page news (despite the fact that the total, while lamentable, with any sense of perspective was quite small, and was nowhere near as deplorable as the impending climax of the media's orgy as #1000 approached), and all the good that was going on, all the thankful Iraqis (many with new babies named George) smothered. But sin by omission wasn't enough, either. CBS News and the New York Times decided to fabricate stories out of whole cloth. The forged documents of Rathergate and the particulars of explosivegate are well known, and I don't need to rehash them here. They continued until election day, with the release of fraudulent exit polls and the refusal to call enough states to give Bush 270 electoral votes and the well-earned victory party he was denied four years earlier, calling states like Pennsylvania much earlier than they called Ohio, although Bush had a larger lead in the latter than Kerry had in the former.

Heed me now, Old Media: your day is over. The American people have repudiated your slanted journalism. Your hostility to the Truth will no longer be tolerated; there is an ever-vigilant group of watchdogs keeping their eyes on you. Heed me now, Socio-facists of the Left: your day is over, too. Your hatred, hypocrisy, and simple-minded condescension will be rebuffed at the voting booth. The tyranny of activist judges will be overthrown. The lies of the Michael Moores and the Dan Rathers of the world were not believed, and John Kerry, that most pathetic nominee of a major party for President in history, is now a forgettable statistic. Love has triumphed over hate.

As one no-less esteemed source than Master Yoda once said: "Hate leads to suffering." And so you suffer, liberals, and I grin from ear to ear. (This isn't hate, if you were wondering, this is schadenfreude).


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