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Now That's Entertainment!

Although I was scared initially that they would repeat their wall-to-wall "We've had another 0.1" of rainfall in the last 3 minutes and 27 seconds" coverage, KENS 5 seems to have taken my threat seriously and only ran updates only during commercials, and thus TAR viewing goodness was not cancelled for a second straight week. And that is very good news, because there's nothing better for what ails you (in my case a sore throat, headache, and stuffed sinuses) than 20 dysfunctional idiots displaying their dysfunction on national television.

Note to self: If ever on TAR, make sure either self or team member knows how to drive stick.

Really, what were the best friends (I still don't know everyone's names yet) thinking? I don't think the title of "Only person to stall a car on every continent in the world" pays as much as wining the race. In other titular news, Jonathan and Valerie seem poised to take the title of MOST.HATED.TAR.TEAM.EVER. from the likes of Reichen and Chip, Colin and Christie, and Flo and that guy if they stick around long enough. He's an arrogant abusive ass (although not vein-popping psycho like Colin... yet... he may be even more annoying (yay alliteration!)) and she's the loudest, most obnoxious whiner since the last time I watched a reality television show. Hellboy's also mighty annoying and whiny all in one (note to self: If ever on TAR, make sure to have a better gimmick than a lame hairdo). In non-titular news, the producers seem determined to set an unbreakable mark for bunching this season, and the wrestlers look like they'll be fun.

In addition to TAR, I also caught the last half of Navy NCIS, and it was a fine show. Although not exactly parallel, it seemed to have some relevance to the recent hullabaloo over our Marine shooting their Terrorist dead. A WWII vet was accused of killing one of his buddies at Iwo Jima, but in reality he had knocked him unconscious to keep him from screaming in pain (had had his legs blown off by a landmine) - a blow that did in fact kill him. The head honcho dude used the smell of sulphur, old war movies, and the sight of an old Japanese man to do some regression therapy type stuff and extract the truth from the vet. It turns out the Japanese man was just a guy he had found working at sushi bar and had never been at Iwo Jima - he had, however, been a soldier at Guadalcanal, another battle the WWII vet had been in and been wounded in, and the two shared a realization, respect, and a drink. Great, great ending.

Like I said, not very parallel, in that this guy was accused of killing a comrade-in-arms, while today's Marine was killing the bad guy but still taking heat for it, and I doubt 50 or 60 years from now a veteran of Iraqi Freedom will ever share a drink with his terrorist opponent, or look him in the eyes with respect and maybe admiration, but both did what they had to in defense of their units.


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