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The Only Good Terrorist Is A Dead Terrorist

Hey liberals: Killing bad guys is the Marines' job. Shut up and let them do it.

I haven't really been paying much attention to this story as frankly, it doesn't concern me when a terrorist dies; it concerns me if they don't. I hope, when asked on trial why he shot the man 36 times, he gives the punchline "ran out of bullets," because this is a joke.

But, I don't take issue so much with the reporter taping the incident, as I've heard some talk radio hosts inflamed about. I think it's a valid news story, despite the certainly negative spin it's getting and will get on the Arab street. And maybe (I'd put the chances at about 0.000000000000001%, but just maybe), the Marine shouldn't have done it, in which case there should be consequences, and that's fair enough to talk about in a measured way. But to immediately blame the Marine first, when the overwhelming evidence and simple common sense says he did the prudent thing, is deplorable.

What's more telling, and more disgusting, is the opportunity it gives the Left to display their glaring hypocrisy. Like every other issue, they set things up so they can blame President Bush, the troops, or the war effort, no matter which outcome eventuates. Truly, aren't their talking points completely predictable?

Marine kills terrorist: How could you, you war criminal!?!?! It just shows Bush is a terrorist and leading us in an unjust war!!!

Marine doesn't kill terrorist; gets blown up by booby trap: It's all Bush's fault for getting our troops killed!!

I do like the saying "Liberals aren't the enemy, they're the entertainment," but sometimes, liberals cease to be amusing and become decidedly tiresome. I'd like to get back to the days when liberals were just a nuisance, but maybe that's just me.


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