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Pushing Them Against the Anvil

So says Col. Michael Formica, in a somewhat rambling AP article on yahoo.

(Started writing this post a couple days ago, and although I still want to acknowledge it, it's already fast becoming dated, so I'll keep it pretty short).

Fallujah is under coalition control, though some fighting remains to be done. Although some of the leaders escaped before we dropped the hammer, the effect seems to be the same as what we've been doing in the broader War on Terror - destroying their safe havens and keeping them on the run. Eventually they'll run out of room and time entirely.

The score is: Good Guys 1000, Bad Guys 24.

A 40-1 ratio doesn't seem too bad at all for door-to-door urban warfare. And if the estimated number of insurgents is close to accurate, we're making a sizeable dent. Keep killing 'em faster than they can replace 'em guys.

While I think the "whack-a-mole" analogy I heard from a pundit (on PBS, I believe, though I can't recall who said it) is fairly apt, and I don't mean at all to discount the smaller attacks in Mosul and elsewhere, I'm not going to make those the focus of the story, as some in the media like to do, in keeping with their "Sky is Falling" reporting. The fact seems to be (as it always has been), that the terrorists are losing, and things are looking up for a peaceful future for Iraq.

EDIT to change the timestamp - originally got published on 11/13, after my "Thank You Veterans" post, the date and time I first saved the draft. Now it's changed to the place at which I actually posted it. Maybe the other is better for chronology and intent, but it buries a newer post, so this maybe is more coherent. And maybe I'll change it back later, I dunno. :P


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