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Something's afoot

Rumor has it that pictures of Kim Jong Il are being removed from public places in North Korea. Other sources site reported visits made by Kim to military installations near the DMZ as proof that the dictator is still sucking up air, although no dates are given (as apparently is the norm for these reports).

Pyongyang Pete, 2nd cousin twice removed of Baghdad Bob, says the rumors of the Dear Leader's demise are greatly exaggerated: "You cannot take the sun from the sky - it's impossible!"

While things do seem very sketchy, all sources agree that, if true, the missing pictures mean something BIG is happening in N. Korea. What a week this will have been - first Arafat (whose death I have been ostentatiously ignoring, as seemed appropriate to counter the lionizing of said terrorist going on), then Kim Jong-Il.

Freeper Qwinn speculates on this being the result of "negotiations" between China and the U.S. While this seems much more unlikley than an internal coup (the implications of which would not seem yet to be clearly good or bad), it's an interesting thought.

I think I know the real answer, and will be reporting on it soon (some may call discussing on such unsubstantiated rumors shoddy journalism, but I've got some documents from Kinkos, and must get them out before other blogs scoop me).


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