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Specter, Part Deux

What I hope from this whole mess, and what I think would be the best of both worlds, is for the pressure on Specter to have cowed any rebellious impulses he may have, and galvanized the Republican leadership around him. By sticking with him, they may be able to call in some favors (i.e. "play along, Arlen") from him, and even his tacit support may weaken the spine of moderate Democrats to filibuster ("if he's o.k. with Arlen..."). Maybe that's too much to hope for, but I fear the hope that the feel-good get-Arlen sentiment won't backfire, in a big way, is much less likley to be realized. Simple Cost-Benefit Analysis should say this battle isn't worth it.

So the question now is, even though I am not happy with Specter as Judiciary Chairman, should I, and those of likemind, follow the lead of the anti-Arlenites, and actually pick up the phone and call Frist and the other Republican Senators in support of Snarlin' Arlen? Are others already doing so? Has the furor died down enough not to worry, or is it still strong enough that this reckless course might still be pursued and so, should we take the anti-anti-Specter campaign from our keyboards to our cell phones?

EDIT: Stones Cry Out has Your Portal to the Specter Debate. Good stuff. (edit again because the link didn't work, so now I'm linking just to the main page, not the specific post)


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