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Thank You, Veterans

Thank you, and God bless.

Today's quote says it all. Perhaps I will find something more to add later today, but for now more words just seem superfluous. Do something nice to show your appreciation for a veteran today if you get the chance.

(Since this post won't make any sense after the quote changes, here it is: "Gratitude is one of the least articulate of emotions, especially when it is deep." ~ Felix Frankfurter)


Blogger Brian Edge said...

I also remember the quote from Zell Miller at the RNC that was very good. Something that is interesting for me is that I work with a lot of Brits and several of them served in the Royal Military, which is an Alli of the US.

Also Tommy, you forgot to include all the pressure from the rest of the world supporting John Kerry. I heard stories of how people in the UK would send people letters in the US telling us to vote for Kerry. After the election, I saw a picture of a newspaper from another country and the headline said how can 59 million people be wrong?

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