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Ukraine, Ikraine, Weallkraine For Icekraine

Well, I thought (briefly) that would be a more creative title than "More Ukraine."

Yesterday the Parliament declared the elections invalid. There is talk of separation. I still don't know how valid the claims of vote fraud are, and I think that with a nearly 3% lead in the count, Yanukovich's lead could possibly be beyond the threshhold of being tipped by fraud, but with a relatively corrupt process it may not be, and these eye-opening allegations, if true, certainly would seem to indicate such a level of corruption.

I'm fascinated by the story either way. I'm also not sure there is an easy - or a good - solution to this. A pro-western democracy would certainly seem most desirable. But are heightened tensions with Russia worth that? Then again, is it reasonable to weigh that as a factor when we rightly ignored France's indignant squawking and upturned nose as we went about the business of freeing the Afghan and Iraqi peoples - a population equal to that of Ukraine? Admittedly, I don't think Ukraine under Yanukovich is comparable to Afghanistan under the Taliban or Iraq under Saddam, but there are potentially ominous signs, and bad situations usually occur when not-so-bad situations are tolerated first.

So I'll wait on tomorrow's court hearing, and then wait some more to see the long-term consequences of the decision, no less conflicted about the implications of either viktor (sic), even while the court's ruling may clear the picture on who the legitimate one is.


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