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That is the real question I want answered about this whole Ukrainian election scandal:

What Would Jimmy (Carter, of course) Do?

If this: "Exit polls on election day had put Yushchenko well ahead, and U.S. and European observers said there were widespread irregularities" is what they're hanging their hat on, I hope they made sure Zogby wasn't involved. Yeah, yeah, enough of the Zogby bashing. I know he had nothing to do with the exit polling. But it's just so much fun!

I guess if Germany, Spain, and the United States can all agree something's fishy, well then it must really stink.

The bright news in all this is that Democrats have a new place to immigrate too. Apparently it's much easier to steal elections in the Ukraine.

Also, with a non-Islamic dictator to kick around, maybe the Middle Eastern world will see we're not attacking their religion, but rather guys with insufficiently Anglo names, like Hussein and Yanukovych.


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