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And The Vote That Really Matters

Forget about Ukraine! It's the 2004 Weblog Awards!

The Jade Monkey recommends:

* Hugh Hewitt for Best Overall Blog!

Powerline gets our 2nd place vote, and would get the vote for Best Group Blog were it eligible in multiple categories. NRO's The Corner got my vote for Best Group Blog yesterday, but it has since been removed, as it too is in the Best Overall category, so I guess I have no recommendation here. I'm also disappointed Dales isn't in the running for Best Election Coverage, so I guess RCP gets the nod as my second stop to check on the polls. Although The Corner and Powerline are both eligible here too, weird.

* IMAO for Best Humor Blog!

And, uh, basically that's it. I'm still too new not only to blogging but also to reading blogs to know more of them, so I'm making just the two recomendations - do what else you will.


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