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Blair Visits Baghdad

Via Power Line. I love this guy almost as much as I love Bush. His politics may be relatively left-wing, but he and Bush share a grand vision and he has consistently been our strongest of allies (his recent vote of confidence in Kofi Annan notwithstanding), and I sure hope that he, like Bush and Australia's John Howard, gets his well-earned re-election to see this through.

Roosevelt and Churchill, Reagan and Thatcher, Bush and Blair. Praise God that at such critical times in history we have always had such strong and visionary leaders anchoring our respective sides of the pond (and of course no less credit to the likes of John Howard, Silvio Berlusconi, and Alexander Kwasnieski who, like Blair, brave great pressure from their populaces and political foes to do right).


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I have to agree with you on Blair, too bad the Dems can't draft him. As for the blog rolling thing, no big deal, Prof Hewitt pointed you out and after checking you out, thought you were someone I should check regularly... as for setting up a blog roll, it was part of the template that we choose (and then modified a bit), unfortunately Blogger isn't letting me post the code.


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