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Don't Let the Door Hit You On the Way Out, Kofi

I forgot to add this to the "Unpublished Business" post earlier, but that dealt with Congress. Of course this could fall under that category too, with Sen. Norm Coleman's call for Kofi Annan to resign.

I was just going to post the title and "Nuff said," but I guess I'll talk some about kicking this inept, corrupt clown out of the U.N. by linking to today's story from Yahoo mentioning Coleman's statement and more Oil-For-Food hilarity (was it Heinlein who said "we laugh because it hurts"?). The thought of Vaclav Havel as Annan's successor, as some bloggers put forth a couple weeks ago is intriguing (I think Glenn Reynolds, in this post about the Ukrainian elections, may have been the first person I saw making the suggestion), but even Bill Clinton couldn't be as bad as the current Sec. Gen. (plus do you really think that America would vote for Hilary and let the same family rule both the country and the U.N.? Bonus!)

The Oil For Food investigation is one I'm going to have to start paying more attention to. But for now I remain resolved in the simple fact that "Kofi bad." Since I've been playing Six Degrees of Separation in this post with Clinton/U.N. and also obliquely referenced Ukraine, I'll go even further afield and mention the senile Nelson Mandela's accusations back at the beginning of the war that Bush and Blair only invaded Iraq because Annan is black (guess he thought Colin Powell, Condi Rice, Ron Paige, et al. were all Uncle Toms too). Of course, when the U.S. of A. decides to go its merry own way against the wishes of the "first-black-president-to-be-united-nations-secretary-general," Mandela's likely to say the same thing. Oh well, you can't win 'em all. Sorry, I'll try and stay more in the present from now on, I think it's just a symptom of only having been blogging for a little less than month now that I want to comment on some older things.


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