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Doth My Ears Decieve Me?

Did Hugh just say he's having on THE Steven Pressfield (author of the fantastic Gates of Fire) after the break??? Turn on your radios now (or 3 hours ago, if you are fortunate enough to get Hugh in real time, unlike me)! I absolutely love this book (though it took me a long time to get into, and at least one failed start; the same has happened with Pressfield's Tides of War, which I have no doubt I will love just as much once I have the ability to devote my full attention to it (of course, I'm reading 3 books at the same time currently, as I mentioned last week, so that may be a few weeks in coming)). Thermopylae has long been one of the most inspiring stories in history for me (I have even used the screennames of Dienekes and Leonidas in various online forums), and I was also impressed at how well Pressfield's English prose style seemed to mirror the Greek (or at least how my classmates and I were fond of bringing the Greek into English). Pressfield has also written a couple other classical historical fiction novels (I believe one about Alexander the Great and another set in Rome) which I hope to get to very soon (will probably spend some Christmas Cash on one).

Simonides! Booyah, eat your heart out Ken Jennings (ok, that probably makes no sense, as I'm 'live-blogging' to a tape-delayed radio show...Hugh just quoted a famous epitaph, I supplied the author).

Also on Hugh's show, he's been discussing the Democrats' apparent theft of the Washington governorship. Like the Salvation Army story, this isn't one I've commented on, for a host of reasons, although I've kept one eye on it. I don't know whether to be outraged, sad, or just sadly amused by the outrage. The silver lining, as Hugh pointed out, is that Dino Rossi could well follow in the footsteps of John Thune and batter the Dems right after being cheated out of victory by their fraud. This is an issue, like Rathergate and others, that we must not let die, must not let the Left sweep under the rug. As long as their treachery is exposed to the light, they will continue to advance their own destruction.

ETA: here's Hugh on his interview with Pressfield (it's like seeing into the future)

ETA2: on the subject of Greek homosexuality - I missed the beginning of this part of the discussion, but this topic is always brought up by misinformed liberals. In point of fact, anyone citing the ancient Greeks in support of the advance of homosexuality does so at the peril of their own argument - what they are really advocating is pederasty. Homosexuality in ancient Greece was almost entirely part of their pedagogy, and continued relations into the boy's adulthood were strongly frowned upon. I don't really think connecting themselves with NAMBLA serves their purposes.


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