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Hope you all had a Merry Christmas

Mine was good. Mom's still having good and bad days, but Christmas Day itself was fortunately one of her best so far.

My own share of the loot was embarassingly larger than I expected or wanted - among which was some cool artwork and a boxed Narnia set - woohoo! Shamefully, for such a big fantasy fan as myself, I had previously only read The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe, and even that not until just a few years ago, as one of my college roomies also had a boxed set. Finished The Magician's Nephew last night, and am now debating whether I should reread Wardrobe or skip to #3 (fortunately these are quick enough reads that adding them on top of the multiple books I have in queue - I'll have to formalize and post that list sometime, it might be interesting - doesn't look to create a burden). Gotta love C.S. Lewis. Such good quotes in a "children's" book; I especially liked "what you see depends on where you stand and who you are" and "the problem with intentionally trying to make yourself stupider is that you very often succeed" (paraphrased), both in reference to Uncle Andrew.


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