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I didn't have a superiority complex until inferior people gave me one.

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I wanna be a star!

Or a group of them.

Hugh is having some fun, claiming Orion as his constellation in mockery of the Strib's attack on us right-wing nuts.

If little ol' me is eligible to play, I humbly claim Ursa Minor - the Little Bear.

My qualifications for this post in the heavens:

* New Blogger (little)

* Baylor alum (bear)

* being home to the North Star is just a bonus! (and lest you claim a Texan blogger can't be North anything, I point to our state's hockey team, the Dallas Stars - formerly the Minnesota North Stars. So I'm an Avs fan, not a Stars fan. Whatcha gonna do about it? Also, I intend to make a donation to Spirit of America under the Northern Alliance team of blogs - will point you toward this worthy cause with appropriate linkage when I get that done, maybe tonight, but probably tomorrow) .

ETA * It's transit date (Nov. 7) is almsot identical to the first post of The Jade Monkey (Nov. 6). Close counts in horse shoes, hand grenades, and stargazing, right?

Whee, this is fun!


Blogger Keaukina said...

Dear Jade Monkey, I'm happy you were granted Ursa Minor-- I'm so silly, I just wrote Hugh Hewitt to nominat you, and now I see your request was granted previously! Thanks so much for you kind post on my new site, Your friend, Keaukina at The One Star Blog (

10:48 PM  
Blogger guest said...

heehee, I should have made an update here I guess once it was granted, sorry! that is very sweet of you though, thank you :)

2:17 PM  

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