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I'm such a sellout

I'm so ashamed. I broke down and bought my first DVDs today. Some may say "get with the times, man!" but to them I say "pthbthbthbth!" The one useful thing about DVDs is the ability to jump to a specific place in the film more easily, but the claim that they are higher quality is bunk - I have never noticed an iota of difference between a loathsome DVD and a trusty VHS. Add that to the fact that DVDs are just a conspiracy by Hollywood to steal your money, and well, I think my case is made, right?

But yes, I sold out nonetheless when today I went to redeem a gift card given me by my brother and sister-in-law for Christmas (or winter gift-giving festival, so as not to offend the Idiot-Americans in our midst). The main problem is that it's just so hard to find VHS anymore these days with the stupid stores carrying only their precious DVDs, and although I almost went with the Indiana Jones trilogy on VHS (which I'll probably still go back and get), I really wanted Spider-Man 2, which I only saw on DVD (it may be I just wasn't looking hard enough, but some of the features look kinda nifty, although they're usually only so much junk). I lessened the shame though by, in addition to Spidey 2, making an old movie only released relatively recently on DVD, The 300 Spartans, about the battle at Thermopylae, part of my purchase. Pretty good film, and pretty accurate, although the battle scenes especially pale by today's standards. All the more reason to get a film version of Steven Pressfield's Gates of Fire to the screen, eh? :)

Also on the movie front, my brother finally got around to delivering me the tape of Earthsea, and the first half is good! A few minor quibbles over accuracy and condensing of events (despite not having read the books in probably 6 or 8 years or more) and several major chunks left out (in favor of adding in a new plotline that sets up events for the second book/ part of the miniseries), but all these things work out pretty well. Will watch part 2 tomorrow and give a fuller review.


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