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One Final Thought For the Night

In melding today's two prominent themes, catching up on old news and bidding farewell...

It is with a touch of sadness that I pay tribute to Billy Graham in wake of what was his final revival recently. I was fortunate enough to attend one of his revivals while in high school (even getting to sit up front on the floor!), and will never forget how powerful he made simple words. While my impressions no doubt are flavored by hearing him in the last decade of his career when he had some slight problems with his speech, his sermons resonated with a depth and power greater than the man himself, and I imagine it must have been something similar to listening to Moses.

With the Reverend and Pope John Paul II both nearing the ends of their careers, and indeed their lives, who will replace these giants of the faith? We must pray without ceasing that the leaders who succeed them are made of just as strong stuff as they, or else we face an even more precipitous slide into darkness than that which threatens us presently.

God bless your faithful servant Billy Graham, and grant that you give him many more fruitful years to enjoy "retirement" and his family.


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