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Red Kettle, Without the Bells

I know that for a month or so many, led by Hugh, have decried Target's (among others) decision to banish the Salvation Army from their stoops. It's not something I've commented on, partly because I didn't really have anything to add, and partly because the incessant bell ringing can get annoying (j/k). But I thought I'd make a plug for HEB, my local grocery store, which has little donation coupons for $1, $3, or $5 at the register that you can tear off and add to your purchase. During the year they have done this in conjunction with the local food bank, but during the holidays, it has been for the Salvation Army. I almost always pull off a ticket when I'm checking out (although I admittedly don't do most of the shopping and so my trips aren't great in number; but were I to frequent HEB more often, I'd probably continue to do so, but more often of the $1 variety), and encourage you to do so as well if your store provides a similar opportunity. Although I haven't shopped at Target this Christmas, it's not so much from boycotting them as just having found what I needed elsewhere; but the point is just to remind that it is usually easy enough with a little effort to give your business to businesses that care about giving.

Up with Christmas, up with the Salvation Army, and up with businesses that support them both!


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