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Rematch Denied!

Sadly, both my ((San Antonio) Taft Raiders) and one of my college roommate's (Katy Tigers (I think that's right)) high school alma maters lost today in the Texas High School Football playoff quarterfinals, denying them a rematch of the semifinals game in 1998 (the year we were both high school seniors, and more than a year before we ever knew each other), which Katy won.

So what if I've never watched a high school football game in my life? It's all about the rivalry, man! Even if that rivalry only exists between two people. Now I'll have even less reason to care, boohoo. Of course, I almost had to reach back to my high school team due to my pro and college teams' total ineptness (49ers and Baylor Bears - although we did beat A&M, woohoo!!! The Niners probably couldn't have done it...)


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