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Spirit of America

I've finally gotten around to making my (admittedly modest) donation to Spirit of America's Friends of Iraq Blogger Challenge, thanks to the re-reminders of several members of the Northern Alliance team. If I (unlikely as it may be) have any readers who are not already familiar with this great organization through one or more of the prominent blogs on the team, I urge you to give something if you can.

Support freedom, democracy and peace in Iraq
Leading bloggers are competing to raise funds to benefit the people of Iraq. 100% of all donations go to needs selected by these bloggers. Many of our projects support requests made by Americans serving in Iraq (Marines, Army, SeaBees) for goods that help the Iraqi people. Other projects directly support Iraqis who are on the front lines of building a better future for Iraq.

Unsolicited Testimonial: "Donating to Spirit of America and helping the people of Iraq makes you feel good!" - guest (The Jade Monkey, blogosphere)

UPDATE: (12/6 4:40 pm) SoA has raised nearly $50,000 in this challenge! ($48,771.05 as of last check, and the Northern Alliance has contributed a whopping $9,359 of that, by far leading the pack (although LGF, entered as an individual rather than a team, has topped 12K)). Put your money where your mouth is - help our troops help Iraq!

(I'm not sure where that nickel came from, as scanning the list every entry seems to have a whole dollar total, but it's kind of amusing)


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