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Surgery Update

Thanks to any and all who have read and prayed for my mother, and please continue for the next few weeks as she continues her recovery.

Yesterday was an exhausting day. We (well, I - my mom, dad, and grandma were up a bit earlier) got up between 4:00 and 4:30 to be at the hospital at 5:00 am. We were there until 8:00 pm, when visiting hours ended (except for my grandma who stayed overnight and is doing so again tonight), with a brief excursion for lunch after the surgery was over and they had taken her to recovery. Our Music Minister and another church friend were also there from early in the morning (I think after they had taken her back, but they also were able to see her with us before surgery). The music minister left after the surgery was complete, and our pastor came soon afterwards, but although he stayed for several hours, the long time they kept her in recovery meant he wasn't able to do much but wave before he had to leave. The chaplain is also a church member and was able to procure a recliner for my grandmother to sleep in when he and his wife stopped in that evening (after the rest of us had already left), hehe. It's good to have friends in high places.

Anyway, although they said to be there at 5, there wasn't anyone there to check her in for at least another half hour, and then it was a couple hours before they finally got her into prep, and then several hours of surgery (probably around 4, but maybe as many as 5). The doctor said the surgery went well, but her nerves had been pretty much crushed, and will take time to heal before the full extent of pain relief is felt (she may never be *completely* pain-free, but it should be a dramatic improvement). She had (I think) 2 verterbrae fused, a couple rods and 6 screws inserted.

Yesterday she was in pretty bad pain (she couldn't hardly turn over in bed - she still needs some help, especially with rearranging the pads and linens, but with a lot less pain), but today showed a lot of improvement. She was able to sit up/in a chair a 2 or 3 times during the day (in fact my grandmother was able to help her alone, right before I arrived after work, and the three of us were able to get her into bed, which apparently had been more difficult and painful earlier in the day even with the nurses and/or physical therapists doing it). The last session was a good length. Hopefully tomorrow will bring some standing, and maybe even some walking. We're very happy and proud of the progress she's made so far!


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