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Tis the Season

Two excellent articles by bloggers today dealing with the Christmas season. Thanks to Captain's Quarters for calling attention to the first, to Hugh Hewitt for the second, but most especially to The Anchoress and John Mark Reynolds for these beautiful works.

First, The Anchoress tangles with Maureen Dowd. I must admit when I heard Rush reading Dowd's op-ed today, I had to change the station because I couldn't stand such miserliness, bitterness, cold-heartedness and spiritual deadness (I guess it's a good thing I don't read Dowd as I understand that is the general character of her work). My initial, one word reaction: oof.

Second, John Mark Reynolds calls us to reflect on the Christmas ladies.

I am better today for having been reminded of what matters by both of these columns, even if I wouldn't consider myself to have forgotten.


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