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is the only word i can think of to describe the tsunami that has now claimed over 52,000 lives from Indonesia to Africa. it makes you reflect on how precious and fleeting life is, how powerful Nature is, and how blessed we are here in America, to be full of so many people and resources to rebuild from wildfires, floods, and hurricanes, and still be able to help those outside our borders. please consider giving to the relief efforts (WorldVision is the organization Hugh Hewitt recommends, so i will too; N.B. the site is VERY slow, due to the massive response they are getting - something to make you smile in the midst of such tragedy).

it seems almost petty at such a time to rail against those seeking to gain from unprecedented devastation, but not so petty as those seeking to gain in the first place, so let's open both barrels on two such classes (which may share many common members): 1. those who want higher taxes/communism and say the rich (i.e. the United States) are stingy, when in fact we rightly believe that charity should be not the province of governments that are at best inefficient and wasteful and at worst insidiously desirous of its people's dependency, but of the people who are generous and kind; and 2. the global warming/environmentalist wackos that can't grasp the concept of Mother Nature being a cruel and capricious host at times without the egotistical conceit that we humans must be causing it all. considering this happened in Asia, you think they'll consider bugging China about Kyoto now?

see Captain's Quarters for a good response to an example of the former (which would happen to come from a U.N. idiot, big surprise), and PowerLine for a response to a partial example of the latter (i thought i saw another response to a better example of the wacko mentality somewhere while perusing the blogs this afternoon, but i can't find it now (maybe i heard it on the radio), and Powerline is of course always a good read too)


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