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The Week of the Non-blog

or, "On the 7th day, he blogged." (yeah, technically it's the 8th, so sue me)*

Apologies for my shameful lack of activity this past week. I haven't been on the internet much, or even keeping up with the news, which seems to consist mainly of the blasting of Donald Rumsfeld and the Linda Chavezing of Bernard Kerik. Both disappoint me, though I've long ceased to be surprised by the likes of the former (it is of course a Natural Law that the more sensical a comment or position, the greater the hysteria and opposition on the Left).

So last Wednesday I headed on Houston-way to visit two of my old college roommates and my grandmother. My visit with my grandma was nice, and I may soon have an amusing picture to post of my dog, myself, and a player piano (which same dog spent most of the drive home in my lap; I don't know which is more pathetic, the fact that the dog is so needy or that I'm such a pushover as to allow it to commit what is surely a crime ("Honest, Officer, it was the dog's fault!")). My vistit with my roommates was also nice, and from it I came away with the sense that I am not nearly geeky enough and must seriously consider upgrading to a PS2 and getting cool new video games, among them an uber-cool Star Wars "capture the flag"/war type game (also, the new Prince of Persia game is out, drool). I also introduced them to my blog, so we'll see if they stop by and say hi (one of them already did about a month ago).

Other notes from the week:

~ Dissenter-in-Chief: I am currently reading 3 books, probably because I am crazy: 1. Dostoevsky's The Brothers Karamazov; 2. a book on Norse mythology; and 3. The Case For Democracy: The Power of Freedom To Overcome Tyranny and Terror by Natan Sharansky, a Jew who spent 9 years in a Soviet gulag. This book came to my attention a few weeks ago (via Free Republic and, I believe, Powerline, among others) with the story that President Bush had read the book and invited Mr. Sharansky to the White House. In their meeting, Sharansky told the President "You are now the world's chief dissenter" (or something very close to that). Most inspiring. It is eminently readable, and worth every penny. Highly recommended.

~ "Back to reality reality" (Twila, in Sunday's Survivor finale): Almost nailed the final 6 on Survivor (the actual outcome would have been my pick if I hadn't been sticking to my earlier and outdated prediction that Eliza would be the last woman standing - instead she finished 4th (3rd among the women). But boy am I glad I was wrong, as she quite ably reminded me why I couldn't stand her in the first episode). Chris did win, as I predicted, also fulfilling my prediction from the beginning that a man would win. Scout and Ami improved themselves in my eyes the most of all in the finale. Bring on season 10!

In other reality show news, after nearly 2 half episodes of surprisingly almost liking Jonathan on TAR, the final half of Tuesday's episode was the most excruciating and excreable display by a human being not named Michael Moore that I have ever seen. The abuse he leveled on his wife may actually be worse than Colin vs. Christie from last season - I don't recall Colin ever physically striking her (true, Jonathan's was a "shove" not a "strike" technically, but it was still frightening). Phil looked ready to eliminate them both on the spot for chronic dumbassery.

~ National Treasure rocks: no, really. Loved the movie, a great time was had by all. Going to see the Phantom of the Opera movie with my sister-in-law (and, I assume, my brother as well) later this month or next, which should be fun since I've never seen the musical or anything.

~ Earthsea: yes, I've run out of creative subtitles. But I can't wait to see this mini-series based on the fantasy book series by the same name by Ursula LeGuin, which ran over the last two days on the SciFi channel (which I don't get, so I had to have my brother tape it). I finally remembered to change my quote of the day, and the Einstein quote above was one I found at on the mini-series page, so isn't that cool? Yes, it is.

Finally, though I hope to resume blogging much more frequently again, the remainder of this month may be off and on, partly because of the holidays, and partly for a reason I shall post on momentarily.

And that is the week that was.

* offer not valid to the ACLU, as they really might


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