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Candidly Speaking

Holy Cow. Maybe I've just not been paying attention lately, but Sen. Joe Biden was one of the few Democrats I actually had some modicum of respect for, despite vastly different politics (shockingly another, from even further left, is Diane Feinstein, who for the most part comes across as a serious politician, vastly unlike her fellow Californian Senator, or the two lightweights that shared her party's ticket this election cycle). While I initially thought his remark during Dr. Rice's confirmation hearings that "[Qaddafi]'s the most candid guy I ever spoke with" odd, I didn't think much of it until Hugh Hewitt's chilling observation that this is the guy who might have been Sec. of Defense (or was it State?) under John Kerry (link to Hugh's blog post on Slow Joe, but the observation itself was from his radio show tonight).

That is frighteningly similar, if my memory's not playing tricks on me, to a quote recorded in Natan Sharansky's The Case For Democracy regarding another dictator (perhaps Clinton and North Korea). If I manage to find it, I'll add the quote here, but even if not, Sharansky's general premise still holds true; how close we were to retracing the disasterous foreign policy footsteps of the past. If Kerry and Biden had been in charge instead of Bush and co., the very candid dictator of Libya would still have his weapons.


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