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Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!

So says one of the Democrats' (many) Paragons of Dumbassery (and yes, I know I'm just stooping to their level, but oh well. Sometimes it just has to be said), Charlie Rangel (ht: Hugh Hewitt):

"But the facts prove that there is no imminent crisis with Social Security. The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office says Social Security can pay full benefits for nearly 50 years. So, there is no crisis.. But there is a challenge, because people are living longer.

"Unfortunately, the President's proposal for privatized accounts makes Social Security weaker, not stronger. It drains $2 trillion from the trust fund, leading to drastic cuts in benefits of more than 40 percent."

I remarked in a post last year on John Kerry and the Democrats' total inability, or what may be worse, deliberate unwillingness, to confront problems; how they'd rather close their eyes, stick their fingers in their ears and say "Lalala, I can't hear you Mr. Problem! I'd rather pretend to the American people that all is fine and dandy and they should elect me because I'll give them free money and lollipops!" The same attitude is pervasive in their approach to terrorism, Iran, and North Korea, as it is in domestic issues such as Social Security. We'll enter this into evidence as exhibit Z.

The fear-mongering Hugh notes is of course also par for the Dems' course on just about every issue, but he's already summed that angle up perfectly, so rather than regurgitate, I'll just point you to the link to his post above.


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