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Time to put my swami hat on

The NFL's second season is about to begin (let me take a moment to lament the lack of even a first season for the NHL...okay, I've composed myself). So I'm going to boldly make my predictions to be lauded or mocked in one month's time (for entertainment purposes only):

ETA a quick summary of winners for those who don't wish to wade through my ramblings:
R1 - Seahawks, Packers, Colts, Chargers (R1 record: 1-3, ouch!)
R2 - Eagles, Packers, Colts, Steelers
R3 - Eagles, Colts
SB - Colts

NFC Wildcard:

Who really cares? Whoever manages to come out of the JV conference will be pulverized into unrecognizable dust by the Steelers, Pats, or Colts. Oh, alright.

Rams at Seahawks - The Hawks managed to squeak out what should have been a sure-fire conference title (and that even before the monumental flop of a season put out by my San Francisco 49ers). Marc Bulger is one of the most overrated QBs in the game today, and I still think it was stupid for them to let go of Kurt Warner (as stupid as the Giants were for giving the reins to Eli 'not gonna challenge my brother for best QB in the NFL in this lifetime' Manning, a move that might well have cost them a shot of the playoffs instead of the Rams (unless Warner was injured or something, I must admit I haven't been paying as much attention to the NFL this season as usual, much less to the Giants)), but in a weakened NFC, the Rams could make a run at it (but then, so could a heretofore disappointing Seahawks team). I'll flip a coin...and take the Seahawks.

Vikings at Packers - I think the Packers will take it, despite the mythos of how difficult it is to beat a team 3 times in a season. Although the Vikings' have gone on their annual second-half swoon, I don't think the Packers are very good, either, and do give the Vikes a better chance than most seem to.

AFC Wildcard:

Broncos at Colts - prediction: Peyton Manning throws 5 touchdowns, Colts trounce Broncos, who have to face the first team this time around.

Jets at Chargers - my preseason predictions were way off, as I didn't see the Bolts OR the Steelers even making the playoffs. The Chargers have made a believer of me though, and I think they'll pull it out against a game, but inferior, Jets team.

NFC Divisional:

Packers at Falcons - Michael Vick is the most overrated player in the NFL, period. For the second time he'll meet the man he dethroned for that title, Brett Favre (who at least has the distinction of being a good quarterback, if not quite deserving of the liplock the media had on his buttocks - still have, though not quite so much now that Vick's backside has most of their attention). And although I don't think the Packers are that good, I don't think the Falcons' D will win the game, allowing orgasmic praise of an undeserving Vick, for the second time. Prediction: Packers, in the worst game of the playoffs, both for the quality of play on the field and announcing in the booth (I'll probably have the game on mute though, as I have no desire to test this latter prediction).

Seahawks at Eagles - yawn. Even without T.O., the Eagles will take out whoever faces them on this side of the bracket, although whoever comes out of the StL/Sea matchup will pose their stiffest competition for a Super Bowl berth.

AFC Divisional:

Chargers at Steelers - As noted above, the surprise matchup of the playoffs for me. The Steelers should win this one.

Colts at Patriots - rematch from last year, and I think Manning gets past the hurdle this time. I'll pick the Colts, although I think the winner of this game wins it all.

NFC Championship:

Packers at Eagles - Eagles win again. Wake me up when it's over.

AFC Championship:

Colts at Steelers - And the Lombardi trophy goes to...oh wait, there's another game after this. I'll say the Colts win it, although this could become a good rivalry down the line, with Big Ben aiming to become Manning's closest competition, as the league is currently completely devoid of anyone even worthy to be mentioned in the same paragraph in a discussion of the best QB. But it comes down to experience at winning big games - the Colts got it last year, and the Steelers don't have it yet.


Colts vs Eagles - If the Eagles get T.O. back for the big game, it may actually be entertaining, but I still think whoever comes out of the AFC wins fairly convincingly. If not, it'll be a blowout. So let's call it the first of many rings for Peyton Manning.

Bonus prediction: My Niners take Matt Leinert* with the 1st overall pick in the NFL draft. I don't know that this is the right move, but it's as good as any in my mind, as there sadly isn't really a true #1 pick, and I don't think they'll get good value by trading down (if anyone's even willing to trade up for #1). I think Rattay and/or Dorsey will prove to be capable starters in the NFL, and in any case the needs at OL, DL, and CB are certainly bigger, but if the club decides Leinert can be a true franchise QB, then I don't see how they can not make that move. Not that I have any faith that John York and Terry Donahue will make that move if it IS the best one. I'm afraid the Niners will be mired in mediocrity (at best) until these two men are gone. In fact, I'm so sure of that that should the Niners make the USC QB their choice, I'll be convinced it was a horrible move (as will any that they may make). I wouldn't mind them taking Benson out of Texas though - I've never been sold on Barlow, and his horrible season this year (while blaming the O-line and not even sitting in the same are of the locker room because he's feuding with fullback Fred Beasley - who is, unlike Barlow, one of the best at his positions in the league).

*subject to review if Leinert doesn't declare for the draft, of course.

ETA: I just realized my Colts-Eagles matchup was the same as my SB pick at the beginning of last year's playoffs. Guess we'll see (was only 1 game off last year for both...much like my World Series pick of Astros-Yankees this past fall). My preseason SB pick this year was a rematch of Pats-Cats, before the Panthers' rash of injuries ruined that...although had they managed to beat the Saints and make the playoffs, I might very well have picked them to represent the NFC even from the #6 seed...but since I can't keep the one half of the prediction, I might as well change the other as well. So Colts-Eagles it is).


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