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Tomato Cans

Who says female pugilists can't be every bit as good as their male counterparts (besides Harvard President Larry Summers, that is)? Was that Mike Tyson vs. Peter McNeely or Condi Rice vs. Barbara Boxer?

What an embarrassment. I said previously that her election was an imperishable shame on the people of California. I think my assessment was too kind by half, and that not counting today's circus, but just Boxer's Rebellion against what little common sense every other Democrat senator had in not making fools of themselves by protesting the counting of electoral votes. Let's just say Dr. Rice opened (or could have; her restraint was admirable and more than I could have managed in the face of such overwhelming idiocy) a can on the buffoon, and it wasn't of tomatoes. (OK, I concede, Hugh. She IS an idiot. But she's still an evil idiot).

I do wish Rice had the opportunity to face some "armed" opponents though, lest she get rusty.


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