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Two, four, six, eight; who do moonbats really hate?

I didn't comment yesterday on the inauguration, as I was still taking it in and thinking about everything I heard and saw. Now I'm ready to share my thoughts, but first the light side.

Watching those protesters rattle the cage bars like the monkeys they are (and not the good type of monkey either, like this blog) was amusing. I'm listening to Michael Medved's show right now, and he's having his callers come up with better chants than the ignorant, drug-addled protesters were able to manage yesterday. The post title is part of my first one (possibly a shortened, but complete version in itself), and the full version might go something like:

Two, four, six, eight;
Who do moonbats really hate?
Bush! They say he's second-rate,
God I hope that they don't mate!

Or something like that. Not completely satisfied with the 3rd line though.

One of my favorites by the callers (and one of the winners of Medved's contest) is:

Bush the leader of the free,
Fill the world with liberty!

That is awesome. I'll probably add more later. Add some of your own if you like!


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