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Yeah, but I bet they didn't have to contend with a Bengal tiger

All glibness aside, some of these tsunami survivor stories are simply incredible, and every bit as good (if not as fantastic) as Yann Martel's Life of Pi, a book I highly recommend if you have not read it. But in the meantime, enjoy the stories of Malawati and Rizal. I can only imagine the ways survivors of such catastrophes must find their lives, minds, and missions changed by the experience.

And let us not forget those who have survived in a less spectacular fashion and lost much. Open your heart and pray. Open your wallet and give. Captain Ed has named January 12 as World Relief Day, and is encouraging us all to donate our take-home pay for that day (or whatever we can) through World Vision to help with the relief efforts. I put in $25 last week, but am going to chip in another $25 for CQ's cause, for two reasons: 1. because it is good to do so, and 2. because I fervently believe in one of the principles (besides "it is good," which is certainly enough reason in itself) that has motivated Ed to do this:

It's up to us to show that when people control their own resources, we can put it to the best use through our own decisions -- and in fact, we can put it to better, more direct, and more effective use.


In just 2 days, the response has bested Ed's goal, and so he has raised the bar to $25,000! When the Captain calls, we must answer!

It took me a while to figure out when I was trying to log in that I needed to create an account for the site this is being run through, and that it wasn't my World Vision account I was supposed to be using. Duh.


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