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After some reflection

Maybe this isn't so bad a deal after all. Perhaps it is the wobbly Republican 7 that have the Democrats in the deal by the balls, and not the other way around. They have basically forced them to confess that Brown, Owen, and Pryor are not the extremists they have been made out to be by the far left. Therefore, the filibuster of any similarly qualified nominee can be seen as a breach of contract. What the Republican 7 may have done is to force the Democrats into the open should they decide to obstruct again, and gained cover for siding with the rest of the party at a later date. Not that I think they didn't already have sufficient cover from the Democrats' unethical tactics, and not that I trust that they will do the right thing if forced into it again, but I can hope that they will. And if it is able to stamp out desertion from the squishy middle of the electorate decieved so far by the Democrats, by saying "Look, we tried in good faith, but they refuse to live up to their end," this could perhaps be better than the Byrd option now. And perhaps that is too much to hope for.

I very much still fear they have sold out our country while the Democrats stall for time and hope to make gains in Congress in 2006 (and I think it is sadly likely they will pick up a Senate seat or two), thereby gaining the ability to destroy President Bush's nominees for the rest of his term. I have to hope that the Republicans can't be that dumb, that they understand they confirmed Ruth Bader Ginsberg, more extreme by orders of magnitude (see Edward Whelan at Bench Memos) than anyone Bush has or will nominate, and that lack of turnabout will not be fair play on the part of the Democrats.

So, this deal is still very outrageous and depressing, but maybe not quite so much as I thought when the news first broke.

ETA: If the Democrat 7 keep their end of the bargain, they are to respected, and even supported. Again, I have my doubts this will happen though. On the other hand, I have to hope that there MUST be 7 Democrats who aren't extremists. Just 5 even. Is that too much to ask?

ETA2: my comment on The Anchoress' site, which is probably more succinct than this rambling (I really gotta set me a curfew :))

perhaps i just *want* to be optimistic, to believe that this is something *other* than an unmitigated disaster, that the republicans really *aren’t* that stupid, that democracy actually *does* work and voting *does* matter…but i’m holding onto the hope that the interpretation that “extraordinary circumtanes” can no longer mean judicial philosophy, and that the republican signees are keeping back the right to go nuclear in the event of a show of bad faith on the part of the democrats. holding on by my fingernails, but holding on nonetheless…for now.

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