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All Politics Being Not Local

Or even national...

Britain's voted today, and there seem to be conflicting reports. Heard Rush say the exit polling doesn't look good at all for Blair, but this yahoo report, filed about an hour or so ago, says Blair is still expected to win by a slim majority (of course that's been the line forever now, so this could just be a lazy regurgitated post)...

As I've said before, Blair's politics differ from my own in a number of ways, but he shares a staggering vision with President Bush, so he has my unequivocal support and I hope he wins.

Starting to knock the blogging rust off, I think/hope. Two days ago's logorrhea seems to have passed, so maybe the next post will actually be something of quality ;-)

ETA some quotes:

the snicker-worthy: "I voted LibDems, because I'm very much against the war in Iraq and against (university) tuition fees," she said.

the interesting: A win would propel Blair into the pantheon of modern British political giants alongside former Conservative prime minister Margaret Thatcher, who won three successive victories from 1979 to 1987.

Which interests me because Lady Thatcher in many ways planted the seeds for my transformation from pseudo-isolationist to Bush-style idealist, which was something I would have discussed in my post-innaugural piece that never got posted because of my disappearance. I'm still considering posting it anyway, but first I'd have to find it again...

ETA2: perhaps I misunderstood what Rush was saying (I know he used the words "bad for Blair" and "landslide" but maybe he was just refering to a major reduction in Labour's majority. New Yahoo! update predicts a loss of perhaps 50% or more of their lead in seats.


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