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Coalition of the Chillin'

Decision '08 leads the charge for those ok with the deal. I am now a provisional member, yay me!

Here's the manifesto:

Whereas we, the Coalition of the Chillin', think a lot of people are having a cow over this filibuster deal, we submit the following to our fellow Republicans, and Americans of other political stripes:

* it's sometimes better to settle things in a bipartisan manner;

* we're getting up and down votes on three very controversial appointees, and that's three more than we had before this deal;

* the Republicans may want the filibuster preserved somewhere down the line;

* the media and the Democrats would have clubbed us to death if we went nuclear, and we don't want a repeat of the '98 midterms; and most importantly,

* Frodo and Bilbo both could have killed Gollum, but didn't, and he ended up destroying the One Ring, proving for all eternity that restraint can be a very good thing, indeed.

I especially like that last one. It's healthy and wise to consider the Law of Unintended Consequences (in both this case and #4) and to equate Democrats with Gollum...and Republicans with Hobbitses. The only one I have a minor objection to is #3 - I agree with Frist that if it is wrong for Democrats to do it today, it will be wrong for Republicans to do it tomorrow, and with Prof. Crockett that it is a threat to the separation of powers. However, I don't really object to it not being banned, but in practice never used, and am not sure I disagree with the California Mafia's reading of the Federalist papers that a filibuster may be appropriate in the case of ethical misconduct (either on the part of the judge or in the form of unwarrented favoritism/nepotism/etc on the part of the president). And a Democrat president would nominate MUCH more extremist judges than Bush is falsely accused of doing, so the threat of a filibuster could become necessary and good in practice (though the soundness of the theory I still have questions about)...but if Ginsberg could get 90+ votes for confirmation, it seems unlikely that Republicans will ever be willing to get into the mud with the Democrats, despite a filibuster on such a nominee on the grounds of extremism being infinitely more defensible...nor do I harbor any illusions that Democrats would wait two heartbeats to pull the nuclear option if Republicans even threatened a filibuster. So where does that leave me? I don't know, either :P


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