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Congratulations Tony Blair

On following fellow triumvirate mates Howard and Bush in reelection! I'm extremely proud of and thankful for these 3 men for being so courageous! And I'm extremely happy - and relieved, perhaps surprised, even - that the majority seems to get it (or at least isn't so foolish as to demonstrably not get it).

(see second update below for more information. I'll add the next, most official vote tallies in this post when I see them, but for now I wanted an official "victory" thread)

ETA: Powerline's Blair thread, along with Joe Trippi's analysis that Blair was not "punished" for Iraq, as the Yahoo report and others are claiming.

And Chrenkoff reprints the letter of Iraqi President Jalal Talabani to Prime Minister Blair. Also ROFL at his "Before and After" pictures a couple posts below (you'll have to go through the blogroll link, as I can't seem to directly link to his post, and I still can't figure out trackbacks)


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