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Election Update

Here's some unofficial results. Voter turnout at a pitiful 17.88%.

Caldwell did better than I expected (? at last as far as place goes, he's in 5th, but with probably even less of a percentage of the vote than I expected - one third of one percent).

Looks like a runoff between Castro and Hardberger *sigh*

Castro 41.81%
Hardberger 30.13%
Schubert 26.42%

Oldham 0.81%
Caldwell 0.34%
Smith 0.25%
Idrogo 0.24%

I'm laughing at Smith's pitiful performance (only 22 votes away from being dead last!), after I had seen one source with him polling around 8% (admittedly, this is dated). Really surprised the non C-H-S voters comprised less than 2%.

Leaning toward Hardberger in the runoff. Not because I like him better (I'm sure he's no better than Castro as far as wrongness goes, but Castro's is wrongness-cum-incompetence-and-sliminess; I think Hardberger is at least capable of running a city), but because he's old and just a placeholder. Castro could parlay the mayor's office into something bigger. Defeating Castro (once dubbed the Barack Obama (gag) of South Texas) hurts the Democrats.

But will Schubert voters feel the same? S and H have been attacking each other even harder than they have Castro (probably becasue they knew they were fighting for 2nd and a place in the runoff for now), with H claiming S is paid for by developers and S that H by trial lawyers. H has probably done a better job than S of also attacking C though, so he may be able to transition successfully from open to runoff.

We've had a mayor-turned-judge in Nelson Wolfe, now we could have a judge-turned-mayor in Hardberger.


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