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The Federalists on the Filibuster

See California Mafia for an excellent post (for which he may just get his Bloggers Local card back ;-)) on the founding fathers' expectations of "advise and consent". Along with Prof. David A. Crockett's argument (i.e. the Democrats are the one threatening separation of powers, not just by controlling who sits on the Judiciary, but in how they deal with Executive nominees, despite their claims that the Republicans are doing so - again proving the rule that whatever the Dems accuse someone of, they are doing themselves), this is one of the best. Too bad it's too late (despite my lukewarm acceptance of the compromise).

Also, John Podhoretz, in his continuing defense of the deal, sagely notes "People of conviction hate compromise, which is why there are so few people of conviction in politics."

Finally, a passing thought on "extraordinary circumstances" - isn't every time the Democrats filibuster an extraordinary circumstance by definition? Not because the nominees are extraordinary, but because the Democrats and their actions are. A disturbing semantic loophole, though I doubt even the Dems would have the gall to admit it publicly.

Soon to follow: the deal in song! Stay tuned!


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