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I hate the NBA

It's by far my least favorite of the 4 major sports leagues. I've long said that the only difference between David Stern and Vince McMahon was about 100 pounds and a couple of chins. The inconsistency of the officiating makes the game all but unwatchable. I'm sure the Lakers will "win" the lottery this summer, despite their inordinate odds. I hate the NBA.

But I love my Rockets. From Rudy T and Hakeem and Clyde and Sam I Am, from the days of Clutch City and "Never underestimate the heart of a champion!" and now I love Yao and Tmac and Bobby Sura.

But I've never been a Jeff Van Gundy fan, from the days he went after Alonzo Mourning by biting his ankles, holding him so he couldn't defend himself against Van Gundy's thug's attacks. I wasn't happy when Rudy T was forced out to make way for him. But he has done a better job of getting Yao's teammate to share the ball than Rudy did (of course a lot of that has to do with getting rid of the selfish Steve Francis (whom I compare with the former general of my favorite NFL team, Jeff Garcia, in that he occasionally made some magical plays and comebacks to win games, but much more often lost them with boneheaded plays), and Cuttino Mobley). And he's done the job very well, I must admit, getting great defensive effort from the team.

So now what am I to think when a coach I have only grudging acceptance for takes on the corrupt officiating of the league? (I'm actually not willing to go so far as to say the league is "fixed" game-in and game-out, though I do think the league strongly "prefers" general "trends" in the long-term outcome, and it really only takes a few calls to dramatically affect the complexion of a game in the NBA in most cases). When it's corpulent don slaps him with a $100,000 fine and threats of being introduced to his little friend? And when my team is fighting tonight for it's very playoff life (and currently holds a 7-point lead at halftime)? If Van Gundy is telling the truth, if he's playing Woodward and Bernstein to Stern's Richard Nixon, wow what a story. Adrian Wojnarowski pens a very interesting piece at, basically saying JVG is trapped, he can't reveal his Deepthroat. It'll be an interesting summer, to say the least.


Blogger Unserious Talker said...

The NBA fixed? No way, don't believe it.

I mean, what were the odds that the Knicks would win the lottery when Patrick Ewing was going to be the top pick. Or the Cavs winning it when local star Lebron James was coming into the league. It has to be coincidence... it's just gotta be.

Though, I'll still lay dollars to donuts that the Lakers and Knicks somehow end up with the two of the top three picks in the draft.

11:14 PM  
Blogger guest said...

nah, i don't *really* think that. otherwise, Tim Duncan would have been a Celtic, and Yao likely never would have been a Rocket. but there are certainly some convenient coincidences.

3:05 PM  

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