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I have to go to the bathroom

but I'm all out of Newsweek.

since I'm late to the party, that's all I'm going to say for now, not least of all because I'd likely start cursing if I said anymore. the media lies have gone quite far enough. from rather and the times, to cbs' relapse with twisting ken starr's words to say exactly the opposite of what he said, to this latest garbage. how has the media, ostensibly in existance to bring us the truth, become so hostile to that which it should serve? you know something's gone terribly wrong with your profession when you'll soon be replacing lawyers in jokes like "what do you call a lawyer buried up to his neck in dirt?" "not enough dirt." baldfaced libel is one thing. now they're killing people.

and, finally, at the dismal end of all things, it brings us this: BM blogging.

Look what you've done Isikoff, you little sh!t.


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