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I'm afraid I'm in need of an intervention

Yikes, look at these disgustingly moderate positions I've taken over the past 6 months:


(although really it's more "anti-anti" in each case than "pro" and the latter two are rather reluctantly held)

Guess I'm a pragmatic idealist?

Of course, I feel somewhat vindicated in the first two instances. Specter has proven faithful to Bush and Santorum thus far, and hopefully he will return the favor to Santorum in what will be a very difficult reelection campaign. He has gotten Bush's nominations through committee as promised, and was ready to pull the nuclear trigger (which on the face is somewhat against my lukewarm pro-media-whore-McCain-deal stance). The newsweek scandal certainly hasn't taken any wind out of the MSM's critics' sails.

So is there any chance position 3 will meet with a small measure of reward as the first two have? The deal-as-cooling-agent may be its greatest virtue. It may indeed restore some desperately needed civility, and I do agree with the proposition that we should give Senators the respect of the benefit of the doubt. I do have respect for Joe Lieberman, and apart from Salazar and Byrd, I have no real objection to the other Democrats in the deal. This despite real fears that the most likely response we will get from putting trust in Democrats based on their track record is "It's in my nature."


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