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"It quacks like a filibuster"

Heh. Good to see Nelson, Pryor, and Landrieu living up to their bargain (also to Landrieu and Byrd for voting not only for cloture, but confirmation for Owen). Troubling that Inouye has not voted for (or against) cloture for either Owen or Bolton. Very surprised Lieberman wasn't with them on this one.

I'm really not that concerned over this yet, though. Of course I would have preferred it to have gone through - the delay has gone on too long already, and Bolton is exactly the guy we need for the job - but a few more days isn't a big deal in my view. We have 56 votes for cloture (with Inouye and Specter not voting, and Frist actually voting against for procedural reasons noted in the link). That means, if those 3 eventually vote to end debate, we only need one more (and there are still 3 more Democrat signatories to the MOU). Democrats have encouragingly said they do not intend to stall this much longer. We'll see what that's worth next week, I guess.

So I'm still chillin'.


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