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That bridge-burning Bush...

Powerline notes the great lengeths President Bush is going to to strengthen ties with India. A billion friends to offset a tense realtion with a billion Chinese, seems good. Add to that some of the best relations we've had with Japan (by their own words), the fact that they LOVE our Prez in the Republic of Georgia (and strong support from the other former Soviet bloc nations), new allies (! still amazing) in Iraq and Afghanistan, promising changes in Ukraine and even Lebanon, a cordial personal (if sometimes critical policy-wise) relationship with Vladimir Putin (likewise with the Saudis, and functional relationships with Pakistan and others). And on down the line.

And yet the snubbing France and the United Nations allies meme persists. Sad, really.

To play devil's advocate, I am concerned with the possibility of implicit acceptance of the caste system that oppresses so many in India. That said, I think that, as well as the dishonest complaint of the lefties that Bush coddles bad guys like Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan (a variation on the "Why not North Korea/Iran/whatever-dictatorship-other-tha-Iraq-that-we-can-think-of-to-complain-about" nonsense), is fairly easily dismissed. Bush's policy has undoubtedly caused major changes in some of the world's worst, most repressive societies and regimes. And it's gently prodded others into less specatacular, though by no means insignificant reforms. Such as overtures to democratic reform in Egypt, women's suffrage in Kuwait. I think the same could be said about India. You'd think the left would appreciate the nuance of different situations, different strategies.

Update (5/22): Yikes, that's what I get for writing late at night. Three or four closely related ideas each deserving to be unpacked more fully somewhat conflated in just a couple sentences. Oh well. I didn't really have any desire to rehash years-old defense at great length anyway, so it'll just have to stay in its inelegant and somewhat simplistic form.


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