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hmm, ho hum. seem to be in the blogging doldrums this week. even Howard Dean being his normal, raving lunatic self isn't working. maybe next week.

since i have nothing else to blather about, and since i sadly lack one of those cool little "on the jade monkey bookshelf" sidebar thingies that lots o' peeps have, i guess it's time once again to tell you what i'm reading:

New Spring: the Novel by Robert Jordan, a prequel in the Wheel of Time saga, which I love, despite the decreasing quality and the increasing delays between installments. This one tells of a time about 20 years prior to the main story line, when Moiraine and Siuan are newly-minted Aes Sedai, and Rand's birth on the slopes of Dragonmount is foretold by the Keeper of the Chronicles with her dying breath. Not too bad, but not one I had gone out of my way to buy at the cover price of $22.95, since I had already read the novella version of the same. But I saw it on sale at Barnes and Noble for $5.98 and said what the heck. Almost through with it, so that'll bump everything up in the rotation.

The Unfolding of Language: an evolutionary tour of mankind's greatest invention by Guy Deutscher. So far, really nothing I didn't already know, but I'm not too far into it yet, and it's an enjoyable enough read. Satisfies the linguist in me, at the least. Got this one for my birthday (New Spring too, technically).

and a few others I'm nibbling at: The Traveler's Gift by Andy Andrews, The Twelve Caesers by Suetonius, and maybe I'll finally get around to getting through Steven Pressfield's Tides of War here soon.

that's it for now. thinking some Augustine or Kierkegaard will be next on the non-fiction line up when Deutscher and Suetonius make way, though not sure what from either just yet. and/or maybe that recent biography of George Washington.


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So this coalition map over at Politburo - we must be the marginal members - we got shoved onto North Africa!

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