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election post-mortem

just a couple of interesting (to me at least) observations on the Hardberger-Castro runoff. well, really one interesting observation with several data points: the race, despite being between two very left candidates, actually was strangely similar to the Bush-Kerry race.

* Hardberger 51.5%, Castro 48.5% - almost identical to Bush's victory over Kerry.

* Hardberger made a point of running a city-wide campaign; Castro focused on only a few districts - again, Hardberger plays the Bush role to Castro's Kerry.

* Hardberger criticized Castro for flip-flopping on several issues (city manager, PGA, soccer team, etc), also questioned his support for police (see Kerry's horrible record on defense and support of the troops).

* Hardberger talked about strong leadership, making decisions and sticking to them (I somehow doubt he praises these same qualities in Bush so much, but I could be wrong). Also played the Outsider role, and copied some of the Uniter role, trumpeting his endorsement from Schubert and vowing to "come together," "heal wounds," etc, etc after the election.

*Castro tried to act like the one that wanted a clean campaign and whined about the mudslinging, though he resorted to it readily enough (though I don't think he went so far as to claim that examination of his record was tantamount to a personal attack, I'm not so sure he was that far away from it, either).

Castro also shows striking similarities to Kerry's running mate, John Edwards:

* used a "two San Antonios" rhetoric parallel to Edwards' tiresome "two Americas".

* criticized for his youth and inexperience; seen by some as young and attractive (unkonown as of the time of this post whether there is a video of Castro primping in the mirror for 8 minutes) .

* 800+ missed votes in 4 years as councilman was the basis of Hardberger's strongest attack, characterizing him as a Councilman Gone to Edwards' "Senator Gone" (also a valid comparison with Kerry especially re: committee meetings, but edwards got the nick, so I'm sticking it here) .

The Hardberger-Bush comparison is indeed a strange one given Hardberger's own affiliation (and former position as a liberal judge), much more the fact that he was in a lawsuit against the then-Governor Bush when he tried to stick around on the state supreme court so he could appoint his own replacement, and Bush would have none of it (or something to that effect), but I found it interesting nonetheless.


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