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Faith and Works

Chuck Schumer in all his dumbassery has railed against Bill Pryor's "deeply held beliefs" (add Dick Durbin's "you're a white man" and Howie Dean's "white, Christian party" remarks, and the violent, reactionary opposition of eminently qualified nominees who happen to be not-so-pale in skin tone such as Janice Rogers Brown, Alberto Gonzalez, and Condoleezza Rice revealing the deep bigotry of the Democrat leadership to be not only religious but perhaps racial in nature)...anyway, we've also heard others, most recently John Kerry, say "Personally, I'm against abortion, but I can't force my beliefs on anyone else" (with a very low burden for claiming coercion, of course). And yet, there is ample record of our new "extreme" judges doing just that, sublimating their "personal beliefs" to the dictates of Law. Now some may claim (in fact they have just done exactly that in the Pryor cloture debate) that such behavior is just a Trojan Horse, a trick to get inside the walls and pillage our sacred rights to infanticide and sodomy. As is often true, this seems to be another case of Democrat projection. They accuse the opposition of the very things they are doing, perhaps because they are so used to it they can't imagine any other behavior from anyone else. But if these dangerous nominees are prevaricating when they disavow judicial activism, perhaps a similar charge should be made from the other end of the equation against those who feel the need to assure is they "share" our values while doing their darndest to undermine these same values they supposedly hold. That is, not only is their "faith" without works, their refusal to take any kind of principled stand in defense of our common, civilization-upholding values, dead, but perhaps that "faith" never existed in the first place, nothing more than a lie (as are the bromides on race), calculated to deceive well-intentioned but foolish people.

To turn another Biblical phrase (so long as Schumer, Dean, et al don't object): Judge not, lest ye be judged? The Democrats, after their scurrilous attacks, have been Judged 3 (or 5) times over now. The MOU and the Coalition are looking pretty good so far! Though the situation gets interesting now, with the list of green-lighted nominees exhausted, and we of course shouldn't get so intoxicated by winning a few battles that we lose the war, I think we can celebrate a bit for the victories won so far. Owen, Brown, and Pryor are in, huzzah! Griffin and McKeague too! Also, Specter has stated that Kavanaugh should be approved, and that if Democrats are thinking they can block him, they're dreaming.

As a final aside on the judges stuff, BeldarBlog (ht, as with all the above links, to BenchMemos) points out more irony and got a big laugh with this:

At 2:00pm: Now — after a half-hour of demagoguery and distortion of Bill Pryor's record — Teddy's blaming Dubya for tying up the Senate with controversial judicial nominees when the Senate should be doing other business. "Take pity on me, Your Honor, I'm an orphan!" cries the parenticidal boy. Oh, what a day for irony.

Ok, one final aside: Salazar's 'yea' on Theocrat Bill Pryor seems most bizarre given his brave stand against Antichrist James Dobson.


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