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The First Rule of Holes

Dick Durbin's still a'diggin. Yes, I should be outraged. I should be calling for this treasonous rat bastard's head on a platter. But this has become so routine for the left that all I can muster is a vague "who cares," a shrug, and a healthy dose of contempt sprinkled with amusement at lesser beings such as Senators from Illinois, or Democrats in general. I mean, it's good that Dick Durbin respects the troops and all. That's a healthy attitude towards those who, under Bushitler, have the power to take you from your home in the middle of the night - or at least freeze your thermostat. Oh, the humanity! Apparently, though, the only soldiers he loves are the dead ones, as his evidence for respect is attending funerals and jerking off to casualty reports.

And should we really be calling for his censure, or an apology? In the first case, it will only be turned into outrage at us digital brownshirts. And in the second, as is already evidenced, an apology will be meaningless, dishonest, and a bigger insult than he started with. He's already said he's "sorry" if his remarks were "misunderstood." No, dick, your problem is that we understood them perfectly. I figured (correctly, so far) that any criticism from his party or the media (or even from himself) would be Sean Pennesque - "it's not productive, because it's interpreted literally."

If you wanted to raise concern for the treatment of detainees at Gitmo, you'd still be wrong, but you'd have the right to do so. But to make such outlandishly false analogies can only have one purpose, and that is a blatantly political -- actually not so political, as the Democrats' uncanny tone-deafness is certainly anything but politic -- but partisan attack on a noble war effort, the courageous troops engaged in it, and their steadfast commander-in-chief. To borrow a phrase (Dennis Prager's, I believe), the Left is proving themselevs every day to be bigger and bigger Moral Idiots. They are small, hateful, irrelevant, fools. The fact that they willfully dress themselves in motley doesn't lessen the danger they pose, true, but I can't even bring myself to care what ridiculous things they say anymore. That is probably a failure I have to work on. I'll order Dr. Dean's "Hate Anything That Moves" self-help tapes post haste.

ETA (6/18): This is useful, however, in that the masks continue to come off the far left. As their hateful, insane nature is revealed to the public, they will be rejected more and more, and that can only be good for this country.


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