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grrr, part 2

William Kristol says it's O'Connor leaving, and that the Prez will put up Alberto Gonzales to replace her (ht: Prof. Hewitt). Unless Gonzales is a reverse Souter in disguise, I'm VERY unhappy about this. It means, as Kristol says, that any chance of changing the court for the Good is out of the question. The plan was to replace the Chief with a staunch conservative (McConnell or other), then O'Connor with a less "controversial" but also conservative justice (Roberts or maybe even Sen. Cornyn). The other fly in the ointment is, of course, the Democrats' bastardized filibuster, which took Miguel Estrada off the table as Bush's (presumptive) hoped-for first Hispanic Supreme Court Justice.

Has O'Connor ruined it all by stepping down ahead of Rehnquist?

This is may be enough to make me UNchillin'. I don't know...Then again, given the Dem's insane Abu Grahaib-Gitmo-gulag-Auschwitz connect-the-dots, I don't know if Gonzales has any certainty of getting past a filibuster either (if he does, it proves them to be liars, and if not, a defeated Gonzales is better than a defeated conservative, while making the case that the Democrats are obstructionists, and making it harder to justify a filibuster for a SCOTUS position after).

Update: RedState (ht: Strata-Sphere) says Rehnquist is the one stepping down. Of course I'm updating in reverse order of AJ, so Kristol's tip may be the most current and best one. But we shall see tomorrow.

Update 2: Confirm Them has the transcript of a Hewitt-Kristol interview up, as well as some other thoughts.


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